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try to crucify me and we tweakin ho

Help meeeeeee

Run up on a preacher and catch the holy ghost

Erbody catching bible quotes

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4eva Na Day



Foreva n a day day day day day day.

Watch what I say…

Now tell em what ya mama said.


lol @ Kanye giving instructions to the video and lighting guys all in the middle of the song




Hardy’s girlfriend says he was upset over her past relationship with rapper Nelly:
Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested Tuesday morning on charges of assault on a female and communicating threats after an incident with his girlfriend, who according to the Charlotte Observer, has been identified as 24-year-old Nicole Holder, who alleges that Hardy threw her on a couch that was covered with assault rifles.
On Thursday the judge who had presided over Hardy’s bond hearing on Wednesday, amended the terms of the bond and he must now surrender all of his weapons and firearms.
But a different judge dismissed a request for a temporary restraining order against Hardy because Holder failed to appear at a civil hearing in Charlotte.
According to the Observer, Holder’s protective-order complaint states that Hardy “has been angry for a while” because of the relationship she had with rapper Nelly, a part-owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. Holder stated that Hardy “has been very upset about this since March and often becomes suddenly very angry.”
She stated in the court documents that she and Hardy had been trying to work things out and that she and Hardy were in bed together early Tuesday morning when Hardy ‘just snapped.’”
According to the judge, both Hardy and Holder were intoxicated at the time of the incident. Hardy’s attorney, Chris Fialko, maintains that his client is innocent and that Holder is responsible for the disturbance after she attacked Hardy and his friend, Sammy Curtis.
A 911 called obtained Wednesday by CBS Sports has Hardy telling the operator that Holder was trying to hit him with her shoe and that she hit him in the face twice. But a second 911 call made from Hardy’s downstairs neighbor claimed that the Panthers’ defensive end was “beating Holder’s ass.”

The Panthers, who are set to pay Hardy $13.1 million next season, met with the defensive end and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, Wednesday to discuss his arrest, the Observer reports. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Men with endless resources keep making the news behind the same women.
I used to think that was crazy evil guy talk as a youth. You know, storylines, scripts, etc… But it’s honestly one of the most profound lessons I learned in life. Every one, no matter what they claim, does indeed have a price. And if that price is even close to being met…all integrity, all humility, all goodwill will be cashed out in the name of instant gratification. #theageofmore